In the heart of a vibrant community in Suwanee, Georgia, lies a hidden gem that’s been crafting radiant smiles and spreading positivity – Suwanee Dental Care. This isn’t your typical dental practice; it’s a cornerstone of our community, providing top-notch dental services with a generous dose of care and compassion.

Suwannee Dental Care has a dedicated team that has transformed the daunting task of visiting the dentist into a comfortable and reassuring experience. “Our goal is to create an environment where our neighbors feel at ease, knowing they’re receiving the best dental care possible,” shares the Suwannee Dental Care team. It’s this ethos of comfort, combined with their unwavering commitment to excellence, that has made Suwanee Dental Care a trusted name in our community.

Suwanee Dental Care goes above and beyond to cater to the oral health needs of residents. From regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning to innovative corrective and restorative procedures, the range of services offered ensures comprehensive care for every smile. The team is passionate about preventative care, believing firmly in safeguarding smiles through routine visits and education on effective oral hygiene.

At Suwanee Dental Care there are four doctors in house:

Richard Schalk, DMD, is dedicated to fulfilling his role as a caregiver by providing top-notch service to his patients and engaging with the broader community. He recognizes the distinctiveness of each patient. His daily pursuit is to meet these specific needs and to cultivate a bond of trust.

Claudia Kremer, DMD, has a mission that revolves around forging enduring bonds with her patients, collaborating closely to enhance their dental well-being. She strives to ensure that each patient perceives their dental treatment as an experience marked by tenderness and empathy.

Naghmeh Majdi, DMD, is committed to championing the needs and wishes of her patients by providing attentive listening and serving as a compass in their dental journey. She continually seeks to enhance her expertise through diligent practice and ongoing professional development.

Chandni Patel, DMD, is devoted to delivering outstanding dental care and fostering enduring bonds with patients. Her goal is to enhance their overall health by crafting tailored treatment plans and serving as a knowledgeable guide in their dental health journey.

What also sets Suwanee Dental Care apart is their state-of-the-art technology. The atmosphere is calm, the technology is cutting-edge, and the team is committed – all coming together to provide dental care that is second to none.

But the commitment of Suwanee Dental Care extends beyond the walls of their practice. The team is actively involved in dental mission experiences, showcasing their dedication to spreading love, hope, and light, both locally and globally.

The story of Suwanee Dental Care’s impact in our community is also highlighted through its association with the Guide to Gwinnett and The Gwinnett Magazine. These platforms are crucial in connecting residents with the what our community has to offer, and Suwanee Dental Care is consistently featured for its exemplary services and community involvement.

In essence, Suwanee Dental Care embodies the spirit of community and the promise of exceptional dental care. For residents looking for a dental home that combines state-of-the-art technology with a warm and caring atmosphere, Suwanee Dental Care is the place to be.

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Suwannee Dental Care

4355 Suwannee Dam Road
Suwannee, GA 30024