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Caffeinated Comfort at West Main Trade

West Main Trade is a local favorite for caffeinated comfort in downtown Buford Georgia. Located inside what was formerly Buford’s historic movie theater, you will find a wide variety of artisan curators that offer local handmade crafts, home decor, jewelry, and a wide selection of Buford Spirit wear in addition to some killer espresso!

The owners of West Main Trade are Michael and Shelbey March. They first teamed up in business years ago with a successful line of bath and body treats known as Kream Products. On the heels of that success, they purchased West Main Trade and now manage many curators and businesses located inside. “When we started the business, I was a curator here with Kream Products, which is a natural skincare line. From there, I actually started working here as a barista. Then after that, the opportunity came about for us to purchase the entire business. So, the challenge was on after that! We had to create everything new. We’ve changed the whole entire vibe,” explains Shelbey.

The “vibe” of West Main Trade is what the customers talk about most. They love the way they are served, treated, as much as they love the overall shopping experience and the coffee. Lets not forget the coffee! West Main Trade offers a wide selection of favorite brews.

“Our vibe is who we are. When you come here, you’re going to get great service. You’re never going to have a complaint, I’m going to make sure of that. We respect everyone and love our customers! You’re always going to be served with a smile, and of course, a really good cup of coffee!” – Shelbey March

Make sure to check out the full video of our visit and go visit West Main Trade in person for the full experience!