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Can we feed the good?

2020- The lessons keep on coming

We’re learning a lot this year. Adversity is proving a good teacher for most. We’re not always ready to learn, but the lessons don’t really mind our time.

So much to think about.

They say a lie can travel half way round the world Before the truth gets on its shoes.

Seems the same goes for negative news.

The thing is…

What we see on the news… what spreads so fast on social media, well often times…. It’s not always what’s real. As a matter of fact- rarely is it the whole story.

As we head into the rest of 2020, let’s remember:

The sins of a few, don’t make the whole. Yes, I know there is wrongdoing everywhere. In every town, in every profession. But there is goodness everywhere too. Our media doesn’t shine light on it like it should. Maybe we don’t take note of it like we should.

And sometimes?  

We need to be reminded, we have to think for ourselves. I’m not suggesting we think “about” ourselves. I’m suggesting we need to think “for” ourselves. Use our own brains. Make our own observations.

Follow our own hearts and do things with kindness.

Rely more on what “we” see, drawing our own conclusions based on our lives and our communities. We have to be careful not to overly focus about what we see in media.

We need to think about others.

Be kind to our neighbors. Think positive. Help each other. Don’t hurt people.

It sounds so simple.

I know it’s not.

We have to dial up the effort to see the good. We need to feed the good. Feed positivity.

I believe we can change the narrative.

Change the story. Change the words. Change behaviors, polices and lives. Communication can and does lead to action. Positive action.

We just have to work at it.

Think about it. Think for ourselves. Then work at it. We need to feed the good.

Feed the good. Feel the good.

– David