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Eat Local Bingo in Duluth!

Bingo! This classic, practically universal game has been played from generation to generation, each game having its own unique variations. The City of Duluth is proud to introduce their own version: Eat Local Bingo!

Eat Local Bingo is exactly what it says on the tin—order from local restaurants on a bingo card for a chance to win the grand prize of $250 worth of gift cards and gifts!

“Our community has already shown great support for local bars, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, so we thought we would make a game out of it!” explains Senior Marketing Coordinator Talore Ruedt. “Maybe players will even discover something new!”

And therein lies the purpose of this game.

Local businesses have been teetering on the edge of shutdown since quarantine protocols began. The effort to keep small businesses alive has been enough to keep them hanging on for the past eight months, but now that the fervor is dying down, small businesses find themselves in danger once again.

Duluth’s Eat Local Bingo is an effort to revive that fire that supports the community both on the business level and the individual level. Here’s how to be involved:

  1. Download a bingo card (any bingo card!) off
  2. Dine-in, carry out, order delivery, or purchase a gift card to any restaurant on your bingo card. Each purchase must be $20 or more, and you must save your receipts!
  3. When you get a valid bingo, celebrate! Then promptly submit your information through the online submission form found on A new entry can be submitted for every bingo. Crossing off every square will net you ten entries into the grand prize drawing.
  4. The winner of the grand prize drawing will be contacted by email on February 1st, 2021!

Happy playing! And good luck to everyone!

For all questions related to Eat Local Bingo, check the event’s website. If you have a question left unanswered by the website or would like your Duluth restaurant to be featured in the next round, contact