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Focus on heart health… and kill two birds with one stone

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States – but you probably know that. You probably also know that preventing and treating heart disease can help you live longer.

But did you know that the same risk factors for heart disease — diabetes, drinking alcohol to excess, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and smoking — are also risk factors for erectile dysfunction?

That’s a connection that Dr. Tariq S. Hakky, a specialist in men’s reproductive health, wants more men to make. “I’ve dedicated my career to raising awareness of and treating these specific men’s health issues because they are often overlooked.”

“In the same way that the body forms narrowing plaques in the arteries of men with heart disease, it also narrows the arteries to the penis and causes men to experience weakening of erections,” explains Dr. Hakky.

“In fact, men with erectile dysfunction are 50% more likely to be at risk of heart disease,” he says.

Signs of erectile dysfunction can also be an early warning sign that a heart attack is on the horizon. “These are symptoms and signals that can save your life,” says Dr. Hakky.

So what does this mean? “Aside from taking measures to reduce risk factors for heart disease and erectile dysfunction, if you have erectile dysfunction, you should be seen by a physician,” recommends Dr. Hakky.

Not only will you receive treatment for your erectile dysfunction, but you may also be preventing future risk of heart disease and heart attack. “Think of it as killing two birds with one stone,” he says. And restoring your good health!

Dr. Tariq Hakky
Male Reproductive Medicine and Urologic Surgery
Diplomate, American Board of Urology
One of the country’s leading surgeons for erectile dysfunction
Florida State University College of Medicine
University of South Florida (residency)
Baylor College of Medicine (fellowship in male infertility)
Patient’s Choice Award 2018
Compassionate Doctor Award 2018 Americas Most Honored Professionals 2018