Imagine a campus that feels less like a distant academic setting and more like an extension of your own neighborhood. This is the experience at the University of Georgia Gwinnett Campus, a place where the rush of students is replaced by the steady pace of professionals’ intent on enriching their careers with graduate and continuing education.

More than an institution:

UGA Gwinnett is woven into the fabric of the community, serving as a launchpad for both personal advancement and regional economic vitality. Tailored for the needs of working professionals, the campus extends a warm, educational embrace to the adults it serves. The hybrid, executive format for many of the graduate programs allows the campus to serve professionals from across the United States.

At UGA Gwinnett, they are not just educators; they are neighbors investing in the future of their community. They are creating avenues for professionals to shine in their current roles and sparking the confidence to take bold new steps in their careers.

But UGA Gwinnett’s vision extends beyond academic enlightenment.

The expansion of its physical space signals a commitment to an increasing array of graduate, certificate, and continuing education programs. This commitment is in stride with its mission to enhance public service and outreach—efforts that help to stitch together the fabric of the community’s economic and workforce tapestry.

The Guide to Gwinnett, brought to life by The Gwinnett Magazine, serves as a heartfelt narrative to the region’s pulse, bridging local businesses, cultural insights, and educational opportunities. Through its pages, residents gain a sense of knowledge that empowers them to contribute to the area’s vibrancy.

More than a directory, The Guide to Gwinnett paints a picture of a region abuzz with growth and ambition, where UGA Gwinnett Campus is not just a landmark, but a living, breathing part of the community’s progress. It’s where alumni successes and new program highlights are not just stories, but shared victories in a collective quest for excellence.

Where industries and lives are ever-changing, the UGA Gwinnett Campus stands as a lifelong learning and community advancement. They are not only defining the landscape of education but also shaping the very essence of the community home.


Contact: (678) 985-6800


Location: 2530 Sever Road, Suite 100
Lawrenceville, GA 30043