Gwinnett Magazine Announces Program to Help Local Small Businesses

In response to the potentially devastating impact of COVID-19 on small businesses in Gwinnett, Gwinnett Magazine President David Greer announced an offer to all small businesses in the county for free advertising and promotion.

“A few years ago we started this thing called LoveGwinnett, and there were three tenets,” Greer said. “Be positive, buy local, and help others. And today we’re really experiencing the need for that in our county.”

“Restaurants and small businesses are all working creatively to try to make the best of the situation,” he said. “So there’s some great discounts out there, there’s some great restaurants with curbside service and contact-free service, and a lot of small businesses doing some special things too.”

Greer says “we need to come together as a community and support our small businesses,” and you can do that by staying tuned to our newsletter and for these important offers.

“Let’s keep the communication flowing, let’s be faithful, and let’s stay strong and we’ll get through it.”