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I Love What I Do

“We will definitely be back for more. Not only beautiful but also delicious!!” “Beautiful and tasty cakes and desserts!” “Suli made an amazing cake for my daughter’s party.”

Suliana Soto is the owner of Dulce Designs by Suli. She started her business in September of 2018 making desserts for all occasions including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or “just because”. Suliana was born in Mexico and came to the United States at the age of 10. She grew up in Los Angeles, California. Her childhood is one that she describes as fun. She used to play outside every day until the street lights turned off and never had many stresses. Suliana would take care of her four younger siblings as her mom would work late in textiles. One of the best memories she has is buying boxed cake mix to make birthday cakes for her brothers and sisters. Growing up she never had any role models as she always viewed herself as her own person and didn’t want to be like anyone else. It makes sense that she has started her own business because of her strong trait of being independent.

Suliana’s interest in the food industry led her to get her first job in a restaurant downtown. Her boss wasn’t the best yet Suliana learned how to be responsible from them. She went on to have many other jobs such as McDonald’s, Einstein’s, etc. but then she started working at Metrotainment Bakery. There she learned the basics of being a pastry chef and eventually, she became the manager and focused mainly on specialty cakes. Over the years, she trained many people on how to make desserts and even created a few delicious recipes herself. Her experience helped her realize what she was amazing at creating. She worked at Metrotainment Bakery for 14 years before she realized that she was tired of working for other people and wanted to start working for herself. From then on, Dulce Designs was born.

Dulce Designs is the name of her bakery. Dulce means sweet and Designs represents her uniquely designed desserts. Each cake is specially designed to satisfy her customers 100 percent. The name represents her work and what she loves doing. Although she does not have a storefront yet, she plans on getting one soon in order to expand her business. For the time being she works from home yet does not let that take away from the fact that she has big plans for the future. The ultimate goal for Suliana is to have a storefront where people can come and get their hands on freshly baked slices of cake and desserts to enjoy a cup of coffee with. She does not plan on stopping there. She plans on donating food and money to charities in order to help in any way she can.

While talking to Suliana, it is very noticeable that she takes her job very seriously and that she wants to share her talent with the world. The pleasure of people getting desserts brings a smile to her face knowing that she helped make them happy. If there was anything I took away from her is that being kind is the best thing you can do. Suliana commented “If everyone was kind the world would be different,” and I couldn’t agree more.

See Dulce Designs by Suli’s cakes on their Facebook page!

Kaylen Avila is currently a student at Discovery High School. She is interning with Gwinnett Magazine through our internship program, Converge. Kaylen decided to intern with us because the idea of coming together and working on something with others to create something someone else will see and enjoy seemed satisfactory and fulfilling to her.