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Turn on the music.

Around our house there seems like there is always music coming from somewhere. Tunes playing while folks get ready or kids practicing guitar or just singing for fun.
I don’t know that we realized growing up the music that was played around the house becomes sorta like a soundtrack of your life.

It’s not that the music necessarily was a theme to whatever was going on but more so, it sorta marked an era of your childhood that gets etched in your brain for life.
I remember hearing Floyd Cramer, Chet Atkins, Charlie Rich, Fats Domino, Boots Randolf, Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Elvis, Roger Miller, Chubby Checker, Charley Pride and I can’t forget Porter Wagner & Dolly and Conway Twitty!

I can hear those artist today and instantly flash back to memories of times with my mom, dad, aunts, uncles, friends and so on. It’s like a time machine in a way.
As I grew into teenage years my own soundtrack became a blend of my parents music I’d heard for years and then some artist I’d mix in along the way.

Three Dog Night, Simon and Garfunkel, The Jackson Five, Earth, Wind and Fire, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Journey, Boston, Kansas, Bob Segar and so on. 

I even threw in a little bit of What a friend we have in Jesus and some Gospel Jubilee.
I could list dozens more of bands, songs and artists that made up this soundtrack of sorts and to each I can remember where I was, the feeling of family, the love in the house. I just remember everyday life and how anchored it seemed to music.

As I ready for Thankgiving and hear the tunes around the house- each family member with their own personal twist on their own soundtrack… I’m just reminded how impactful music is.

I think I might be more intentional about the music I share with the kids this season.  I’ll make a point to tell the stories about the songs that anchor milestones in my life. The memories I share that are sparked when I hear a certain song.

So as we ready the turkey, the fancy place mats, candles and fruitcake, I’m gonna think about the music a bit and imagine in 30 years when my kids are older, what songs will I put in the mix that will be on their forever soundtrack?

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. You can forget the fruitcake, just not the music. =)