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Taste of Pitch Perfect at Peachtree Ridge

There has been a fleeting interest in the fine arts as time has gone by. Many schools still promote the importance of fine arts and the benefits of it, and Peachtree Ridge High School does that and more.

Peachtree Ridge is a school where every student has a passion. For many, like myself, that passion is music. The Fine Arts department consists of Orchestra, Band, Chorus and Theatre.

Since my freshman year, the Chorus Department and our teacher, Mrs. Wyatt, have accepted me and taken me, along with many other talented individuals, in with open arms. I have made connections and some of the strongest relationships that I have present in my life through that class.

However, this is the first year that my course schedule has interfered with me taking Chorus. Mrs. Wyatt is aware that there are many students who have wanted to be in the Chorus Department but have not had space in their schedule. There are also many students who want to sing not only in school but with peers outside of school. Those students (including myself) were openly invited to audition for the 2017 A Capella Ensemble that is the first of its kind at Peachtree Ridge.

There are many students in the ensemble, over 80, and it is a great group of students from freshmen to seniors, all with bright eyes and a passion for singing. Our ensemble will be featured in the Fall Concert. It is a free concert that showcases many talents and will be enjoyable and open to the public. Feel free to have a taste of ‘Pitch Perfect’ at Peachtree Ridge High School!