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You gotta love going to events. From trying new foods and activities to spending some time with friends, family and community… events bring joy. It’s a great way to get out and get to know your neighborhood and your neighbors.

Not only does someone need to plan them, but you also need people who can think: what’s a fun way to bring the community together?

It’s not as easy as picking a day and sending out an invitation. There’s a ton to be done! You have to think about the the weather, the responsibilities, the vendors, the location, the staff… the list goes on. It takes a lot of hard work and vision.

For Lawrenceville, hosting events is the highlight for many who live in the community. There is an event for everyone, whether it is Free Comic Day or Yoga On The Lawn, you’ll always find something that fits your niche.

Join our guests, Lindsay and Milo, as we discuss the process behind event planning and their personal experiences in making those memorable moments.

The Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast is a fun-filled show that brings you up-to-date on the latest events happening in the city of Lawrenceville, Georgia. Hosted by Nate McGill from Gwinnett Magazine, the podcast is all about celebrating the bicentennial anniversary of this charming southern town.