The DeLoach Law Practice stands as a bastion of legal support, specializing in family law, estate planning, and probate. At the helm is Jennifer DeLoach, a Gwinnett native and an alumna of Berry College and the University of Georgia School of Law, whose unique journey from a public-school teacher to an attorney has equipped her with an exceptional blend of empathy and legal acumen.

One aspect that is crucial in the attorney-client relationship, is open communication. When a client feels there is understanding of their personal circumstances, it creates a more collaborative approach to problem-solving. Ultimately, an empathetic attorney is better positioned to advocate for their clients, not just in the realm of law but in understanding the human aspect of their legal issues.

The DeLoach Law Practice is not just about providing legal services; it’s about offering a personalized approach to each case. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of a divorce, establishing paternity, or executing wills and trusts, Jennifer and her team focus on delivering compassionate and affordable legal representation. Their extensive service list includes divorce, custody, child support, adoption, and legal name changes, alongside estate planning services like drafting wills and setting up trusts.

What sets this practice apart is its commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client. “All clients are welcome and will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve at our firm,” emphasizes Jennifer. This ethos is evident in how the team handles sensitive issues like divorce and estate disputes, ensuring that clients receive not just legal advice but also a supportive environment during challenging times.

The DeLoach Law Practice’s reputation for excellence is further bolstered by its recognition in the Guide to Gwinnett, published by The Gwinnett Magazine. This guide, a comprehensive resource on local businesses and services, highlights the firm’s standing in the community and its commitment to quality legal representation.

The DeLoach Law Practice is more than just a law firm; it’s a place where legal challenges are met with professional expertise and a personal touch. Whether it’s protecting family interests or securing a legacy, Jennifer DeLoach and her team are dedicated to guiding their clients through life’s legal puzzles with skill, care, and respect.

Contact: 770-209-2242
Location: 59 Scenic Hwy. S Suite 200
Lawrenceville, GA 30046