New Year, New Me! We say it every time, but how often does the new you stick around? We make resolutions with the highest of hopes, but often find ourselves struggling to maintain them come the next few weeks. Let 2023 be different, let it be your year to shine! Here is how to stick with those resolutions, whatever they may be, and become a better version of yourself.

Planning. The best thing to do is plan. Decide what is important and prioritize. Maybe you want to become more financially stable this year or you have a goal set to save a certain amount. With a plan in place, these goals become more feasible. You can even break it down into weekly or daily actions. For example, if you want to save that dough decide how much to put aside each week. Or plan to bring your lunch to work instead of eating out. By planning in advance, you limit the possibilities of straying away from your goals. If you have picked a goal ahead of time and have worked to plan it out and make it achievable, you are less likely to be deterred by obstacles.

Start now. By avoiding procrastination and setting pedal to the metal, you will be better for it in the long run. Why wait until tomorrow? Maybe you had a sugary muffin that was practically a cupcake for breakfast, but your goal is to eat right. Don’t consider the day wasted and say “oh, well!” then indulge on a massive dinner because of the morning muffin. Instead, start now! Don’t let cheat meals turn into cheat days and cheat weeks. You forgot to go on your morning walk or do your fifteen minutes of yoga? Don’t wait until tomorrow morning, do it now! By having this mentality, you are avoiding pushing your goals away. By “starting now” you don’t feel that you have to wait for a new day or new week to reset. Forget about starting next week and start today.

Realistic goals. While we definitely believe in setting the bar high, it’s just as important to set the bar realistically. There’s nothing wrong with big goals, but some major milestones might take more time. Set your goals, your resolutions and your timeline realistically. Your goal is to get a promotion? The best things don’t always come easy and your boss probably isn’t going to appoint you CEO by January 2nd. By creating expectations for ourselves that are more reasonable, we are more likely to achieve them. If your resolution is to travel more, then consider just how much travel you can fit into your schedule and busy life. For some people, taking a weekend or two to roadtrip is more feasible than a flight across the world. We all have different limitations and abilities, so make your resolutions applicable to your life realistically. Try not to set too many goals either, but instead focus on a few things that most important.

Small steps. One small step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other is what gets you going. Say your goal is to become an avid runner, marathon winner and cardio god. If going up the stairs currently winds you, then it’s not likely that you’ll be able to do a triathlon anytime soon. What you can do is take an hour long walk and a light jog, and once you get used to that then up the ante! Slowly work your way up to your goals. Want to eat more veggies? Start by adding some kale to your smoothie or a side of broccoli to your dinner. A little can go a long way.

Miss the midnight ball drop and don’t have a resolution yet? Don’t worry! Even if working towards your goal didn’t start on the first, there is no reason to wait another year for. Remember, start now! Don’t give up. Progress isn’t always linear. Happy New Year!

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