In the heart of Georgia, a beacon of health and hope shines brightly for those facing one of life’s most daunting battles. Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, renowned for its compassionate care and medical innovation, has recently added another feather to its cap by winning the prestigious 2023 Best of Gwinnett Award. This accolade is not just a testament to the hospital’s unwavering commitment to excellence but also a reflection of the deep trust and appreciation it has garnered from the very people it serves.

The Best of Gwinnett Awards, facilitated by the esteemed, stand as a hallmark of quality and service excellence in the region. Unlike ordinary accolades, these awards are bestowed upon businesses and institutions based on the votes of those who matter most: the clients and the community. For Northside Hospital, winning this award underscores the meaningful connections and positive impact it has cultivated within the community through years of dedicated service.

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute’s journey to the pinnacle of health care excellence is a story of relentless pursuit of a single goal: to beat cancer. With more than 50 years of serving Georgians, this institution has grown hand-in-hand with the community, expanding its reach across 25 counties, establishing five acute-care hospitals, over 300 outpatient facilities, and employing a formidable force of nearly 3,800 providers and 30,000 staff members.

But what truly sets Northside apart is not just its impressive scale or the sheer volume of patients it serves annually. It’s the hospital’s holistic approach to health care, blending cutting-edge treatment with heartfelt compassion. Whether it’s routine medical care, critical health battles, or the milestones that mark the journey of life, Northside stands as a guiding light, embodying its mission to heal and foster a healthier future together.

Winning the Best of Gwinnett Award is a reflection of this very ethos. It’s a recognition not bought but earned, through votes cast by those who have experienced first-hand the hospital’s commitment to excellence. Northside is one of the largest community cancer networks in the country. Their elite team of experts are conveniently located throughout Georgia and care for patients with ANY type of cancer and their extensive system of care is dedicated to clinical excellence and research innovation. Northside Hospital is built to beat cancer.

Moreover, Northside Hospital’s engagement with the community extends beyond the walls of its facilities. Through charitable giving, community outreach, leadership initiatives, employee volunteerism, and financial support, Northside exemplifies what it means to be a pillar of the community. This holistic approach to wellness and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives is what truly resonates with the residents of Gwinnett and beyond.

The Best of Gwinnett Awards, through platforms like, not only celebrate the best of local businesses and institutions but also foster a sense of community pride and connection. For Northside Hospital, this award is a reminder of the trust and responsibility bestowed upon them by the community—a badge of honor they wear proudly as they continue their mission to provide world-class cancer care close to home.