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One Kidney Is More Than Enough. Leta Brooks Hays Takes On Volcano Summit In Guatemala.

One donation makes a big difference. Especially when you’re donating a kidney. For Leta Brooks Hays’, her journey began in 2017 when she donated hers to her father.

Before the donation, Leta was an avid and serious runner, regularly training and completing 50k races. While the donation and transplant had an impact on her running pace, Leta wouldn’t let it slow her down. She stayed determined and was able to train and achieve an impressive feat in 2021 by completing a 25k race.

Her perseverance did not go unnoticed. Leta caught the attention of “Kidney Donor Athletes” (KDA), an organization that celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of kidney donors, wanting to cover her story on racing with just one kidney! KDA sponsors an adventure challenge called the 3-Volcano Summit in December, designed for only kidney donors. Leta applied, and to her delight, was selected as one of the 19 donors worldwide to take part in this unique journey.

On December 2nd, Leta will fly to Guatemala City to begin the adventure of a lifetime. The challenge entails summiting three active volcanoes consecutively.

The best part is this awe-inspiring adventure serves as a non-profit fundraiser, aiming to showcase the incredible capabilities of kidney donors. With over 100,000 people waiting for kidneys in the USA alone, Leta hopes her journey will inspire others to consider kidney donation. Leta emphasizes that athletes make exceptional donors due to their top-notch physical condition, which leads to smoother recoveries after surgery. By participating in the 3-Volcano Summit, Leta wants to demonstrate to the world that kidney donors can achieve extraordinary feats.

Leta, who also hosts the podcast Status Life with Leta, will discuss her journey with one of the KDA board of directors, further amplifying the mission. If you wish to learn more about her journey, you can follow her podcast Status Life with Leta, or visit KDA’s website for more information.

Here is her personal fundraising page to help show your support!

Leta and her friends running in a 50k.

Leta Brooks Hays is not only an inspiration to kidney donors but to all of us, showing that with determination and compassion, we can accomplish extraordinary feats and positively impact the lives of others. We wish her the best of luck in her upcoming adventure!