Ready, Reset and Go!

Have you ever seen that show on Netflix, “The Toys That Made Us?” Well, it’s this really cool show for all those millennials out there that tells the entrepreneurial and business stories of the toy manufacturers in the 80s.

I really wish they would make an episode about this game that my friends and I used to play from way back when I was a kid. Most of you might be too young to remember this, but before video games there was this little football game that really used to be all the rage. 

It was this aluminum metal thing and you had these little bitty football players and you lined them up just right. When you got them all like you wanted, you turned on this motor and it would vibrate the whole field and the players would vibrate and go different ways. 

You would run a play and then you would reset all the players. 

Once you had them all lined back using your best guess at the direction you wanted them to go, you would turn it on again.

Well, it is kind of like that right now in the small business economy. All we can do is line up our players. 

In this new era,  we gotta start by getting our plans lined up with where we think we’re going to need them to be when the economy starts again.  We need to be looking forward with fresh ideas. 

You need to know that things are probably not going to go back to the way that it used to be. Does that make sense?

This economic bounce-back is going to take some time. What I am doing now and what I recommend we all do is start to prepare our minds to reset, recalibrate, and look at things fresh. 

The before mentioned vibrating football game.

It’s time to take a step back…

Reset expectations.

Reset your business.

Reset your life. 

Maybe there were things in your life you wanted to change before. Maybe you weren’t too happy or just felt exhausted with life. Maybe business was running you into the ground.

Take advantage of this unique time and reevaluate where you were going.
Maybe right now, it is the perfect time to reset all the pieces in the game of life.

David Greer, Publisher Gwinnett Magazine

Get things ready so when the economy turns back on, you’ll be ready to bounce back and rebound with it. Maybe you want to pivot an entirely different direction. Maybe you want to double down where you left off.

Regardless, just stay positive and see the opportunities that lie ahead.

Reset and find those silver linings.