One of the best ways to share the love is by sharing food, so here are some Valentine’s day foods and recipes to spread kindness with. Or don’t share, self love is important too! 

Dunkin Donuts:

Keep it sweet with Dunkin’ Donut’s Valentine’s Day donuts and drinks. The Brownie Batter Donut makes its return, along with the Cupid’s Choice donut. Another returning guest is the Pink Velvet Macchiato! While it’s only available for a limited time, this bright pink and cream cheese frosting flavored drink is perfect for the season of love.

Krispy Kreme:

Krispy Kreme has new heart-shaped doughnuts are the perfect way to share some love with the special people in your life. 

You Color My World Doughnut – Heart shaped doughnut filled with cake batter flavored Kreme™ filling, dipped in red colored icing and rainbow heart blended sprinkles. 

I Love You A Choco-Lot Doughnut – Heart shaped doughnut filled with chocolate Kreme™ filling, dipped in chocolate icing and piped with a rose. 

You’re Berry Sweet Doughnut – Naturally and Artificially Flavored – Heart shaped doughnut filled with white Kreme™ filling, dipped in strawberry flavored icing and sprinkles. 

Without You I’d Crumble Doughnut – Heart-shaped doughnut filled with cookie dough flavored Kreme™ filling, dipped in chocolate icing and chocolate chip cookie crumble. 


Nuggets and mini’s are already a staple in the diet of the Gwinnettian, but make it an even lovelier treat with Chick-fil-A’s heart shaped trays. Chick-fil-A nuggets, Chick-n-Minis, Chocolate Chunk Cookies or Chocolate Fudge Brownies. 


Want to make something yummy? The best way to the heart is through the stomach! We’ve found some great Valentine’s or Galentine’s foods and drinks. These are bound to be party pleasers.

All Recipes presents easy-peasy chocolate covered strawberries HERE. Why pay for a box of six when you can make dozens! They can be tricky at first when it comes to melting the chocolate, but people will appreciate the personal touch.

Somewhat Simple has the best drink for all ages: the Cupid Float. This drink combines ice cream with cherry soda to make a bubbly drink that’s hard to resist.

The Kitchen Magpie presents the Cupid’s Arrow Cocktail, it’s flirty and fruity! These are a great choice for your Galentine’s Day celebrations, a bit of fruit and fizz and chocolate shavings on top.

We’re not sure if all the Pizza Chains will be bringing back iconic heart-shaped pizzas (we know Papa John’s is…), but here’s a RECIPE from the Food Network to make it at home.

These are very simple, which means you can even make them with the kids for breakfast in bed! Jamie Geller’s Egg Toast can be fancied with some avocado roses or some bacon. If you aren’t the greatest chef, this easy choice will be great!

Love the design but hate the taste of candy hearts? Try them in cookie form. These cute Conversation Heart Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction are sugar cookie based, and they are as yummy as they are adorable.