The bees are busy buzzing. The flowers are blooming. The weather is wonderfully warm. Your tummy is rumbling. It’s too beautiful outside to eat at the kitchen table. It’s time to pack that woven wicker basket and head out to enjoy a spring picnic.

Foods That Are As Pretty As They Are Tasty

What does one pack for a spring picnic? It’s not quite hotdog and hamburger season, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for you to enjoy! Plan a menu filled with fresh and flavorful springtime favorites by taking advantage of the great produce currently in season. Lighter snacks are better for picnics, so consider options like sandwiches, fruit trays, handheld foods, and smaller portions. If you want to take pictures, there is nothing wrong with picking the prettier snacks that will feed your camera.

Here are some great recipes to get you started:

Cherry Pistachio Teacakes Recipe (Southern Living)

These convenient handheld teacakes put the boring muffin to shame! Pistachio is a subtle, nutty, and warming spring flavor perfectly paired with tart cherry in this recipe.

Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts by Bakes By Brown Sugars

These elevated little treats make use of two in-season ingredients. The tangy flavor of the rhubarb and the mellow flavor the strawberry will make you want to lay down in the grass and enjoy the moment.

Tea Sandwiches Two Ways by Heinen’s

If you can’t decide on the savory route or the sweet one, you can have the best of both worlds with these recipes. Strawberry and cream in one hand, cucumber and bacon in the other! It’s a win-win.

Tomato and Bocconcini Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is so delicious and so easy to make, plus it holds well! You can bring a big bowl and dish it out with ease. These recipe calls for ‘bocconcini’, which is just fancy those tiny mozzarella balls.

Where To Unload The Wicker Basket

The next step is choosing the best location for your elegant affair. Luckily, in Gwinnett, there’s a plethora of places for afternoon tea. You’ll want somewhere picturesque, with grassy places to lay down your blanket and not too many bugs to bother you. Location is key! Decide if you want to opt for shade or the unencumbered sun (because Georgia heat can be brutal). Are you more interested in a private and serene picnic place, or are you looking to have some excitement with your meal? Take these things into account when deciding where to unload your wicker basket,

Here’s a list of some location ideas:

McDaniel Farm Park (3020 McDaniel Road, Duluth): This location offers two different options. Spend the day camped out on the rolling hills, or set up your picnic by the historical barn!

Little Mulberry Park (3900 Hog Mountain Road, Dacula): Set up your picnic around the lake, so when you’ve finished your food – you’ll be able to share the leftovers with the ducks.

Freeman’s Mill Park (1401 Alcovy Road, Lawrenceville): Have some history with your picnic feast! Freeman’s has one of the last operating gristmills in Gwinnett. Bonus, there’s a waterfall!

Suwanee Town Center (330 Town Center Ave, Suwanee): There’s always something going on here! Enjoy a picnic in front of the amphitheater, and maybe catch a show.

Head Up North: The Blue Ridge Mountains are arguably the best backdrop for your picnic, if you’re willing to make the drive!

Weather Watch

Keep an eye on the forecast to ensure your picnic day stays sunny and pleasant. Bring along sunscreen, hats, and extra layers in case it gets breezy. We recommend picking a day with a temperature between 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Sure, you can go when it’s out of this range, but you may risk being a bit chilly or a bit sweltering. That’s why spring is the best season, most days will fall in that range.

There is another reason behind avoiding those days were your skin feels too toasty and the humidity has your shirt sticking to your back. If you’re feeling icky, your food will be too. Food should never sit at room temperature for more than two hours and if you’re outside that time becomes shorter. When deciding what to bring, if you’re heading out on a hotter day, it is best to leave the deviled eggs at home.