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We Love Our Converge Interns!

Be a part of Converge — the multi-media intern experience at Gwinnett Magazine.

Hey Students!

Do you love a good story?

Are you someone who likes to write?

Has an eye for photography?  

Loves experimenting with video?

Is just a little obsessed with social media?

Now what about this? Have you ever wondered what a career in media and journalism would be like?

Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for!

Converge is a multi-media intern experience hosted by Gwinnett Magazine. We’re looking for exceptional college and high school students to learn about convergent journalism and media as a Gwinnett Magazine intern.

Consider this…

We’re living in the most fascinating time in the history of communications  — and this internship is about exploring all facets of modern day storytelling.

Of course, storytelling has been around as long as humans have, but Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter are pretty far removed from simple figures on cave walls and clay tablets.

Converge is a program to help empower you with the real world skills to navigate today’s convergent multi-media marketplace.

As an intern, you’ll learn from industry experts and members of our team while working on articles and stories that will be published on the Gwinnett Magazine network.

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll gain experience writing, editing, and posting digital content and photos.
  • Your stories will appear on Gwinnett Magazine‘s sites and shared on our social media platforms.
  • You’ll hone your social media skills, which are probably pretty good already.
  • You’ll be able to work remotely and participate online – so you won’t have to worry about transportation or scheduling issues.
  • You’ll work with Gwinnett Magazine‘s awesome staff.
  • Our program is part of the GCPS Quest internship program and is an approved internship experience at other Gwinnett high schools.
  • This is going to look impressive on your future college & job applications!

Hear from our Fall 2020 Converge Interns!

“In my first few weeks interning at Gwinnett Magazine, I’ve already learned a lot! It has pushed my creativity and helped me to better understand how to write feature stories that are engaging and relevant to our readers. My goal for my future career is to write features at a major publication, so this experience at Gwinnett Magazine is preparing me well!”

Hannah Jones – Senior Georgia State University

“Interning here has been eye-opening to the news and journalism process. I’ve never looked at the media in the same way since my first day.”

Ori Kang – Senior Peachtree Ridge High School


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