It doesn’t really feel like October until your family has Halloween decorations set up at home! These five do-it-yourself Halloween crafts are easy-to-make with the kids and require little preparation. All of the materials needed are budget-friendly and easy to find at your local craft store or dollar store. Round up the kids and give these creative Halloween decorations a try!

Pumpkin Pompom Coasters

What you’ll need:

Orange pompoms

Black pompoms

Green felt

Cork coasters

Glue gun



First, grab a cork coaster and draw a jack-o-lantern face on it with the sharpie: draw two triangles for the eyes and a zigzag line for the mouth. This will be your guide for where to glue the black pompoms.

With your glue gun, put some glue in the eye area and along the zigzag line. While the glue is still hot, carefully place the black pompoms as the eyes and along the “mouth” zigzag.

Now, cut a piece of green felt into a pumpkin stem shape. Add some glue at the top of the pumpkin head and place the “stem” so that it hangs off of the coaster some.

Then, add glue to the rest of the coaster space and fill it with orange pompoms. Now you have the perfect Halloween-themed coaster to place your favorite fall drinks, like hot chocolate and cider, on!

Candy-filled Tissue Pumpkins

What you’ll need:

Orange tissue paper

Green tape

Assorted candy



First, stack two sheets of orange tissue paper and draw the outline of a circle on it. You’ll want to make the circle about 9 inches in diameter. Now, cut out the sheets in the circle shape, using your outline as a guide.

Next, put some of your favorite candy in the middle of the circle and wrap the side of the tissue paper around it, so that the tissue paper bunches at the top. Wrap a piece of green tape around the excess paper at the top to act as the “stem” and to make sure your pumpkin stays secure.

These little pumpkins make cute decorations and are a fun way to surprise your kids with candy!

Spiderweb Candleholders

What you’ll need:

Glass vase or fishbowl

Glue gun

White yarn

Fake toy spiders


To start, tie a knot at the end of the yarn and hot glue it to the glass vase. Continue to add glue to the vase as you keep wrapping the string around the vase. Once you’ve wrapped enough yarn and it looks like a full spiderweb, trim off the excess yarn.

Now, hot glue your toy spiders to their “web” and place a fake tealight or candle inside. We don’t recommend using a real candle due to fire hazard.

This decoration makes creepy fun for the kids and looks cool when lit up in a dark room!

Tissue Paper Ghosts

What you’ll need:

White tissue paper


White thread

First, if your white tissue paper is in the shape of a rectangle, cut it into the shape of a square and save the excess tissue. Bunch up the excess tissue into a ball and wrap the original square of tissue around it.

Now, wrap the white thread around the “base” of the ball of tissue and leave the rest for hanging your ghost for decoration.

Lastly, draw a face on the ghost in Sharpie. Now you’re ready to fill your home or your front porch with spooky ghosts!

Mummy Front Door Decoration

What you’ll need:

White fabric strips

Painters’ tape

Black cardboard

First, cut two pieces of black cardboard into circles. These will act as the mummy’s “eyes”. Next, wrap several white fabric strips across the front of your door in a zigzag pattern and secure them to the back side of your door with painters’ tape. Finally, tape the two cardboard eyes to the front of door and you’re all done! This mummy door is sure to give your house some personality and maybe creep out your neighbors!