What makes a craftsman? Their dedication to service? Their ability to work hard to surpass expectations? The fine details of the craft itself?

The Accent Roofing “Leaksmiths” are craftsmen who strive to raise the bar…or roof. Serving the greater Atlanta and Athens area for over 30 years is no small feat. They know that being committed to providing the best experience possible includes workmanship. That’s why their goal is to craft an exceptional roof and provide a fantastic client experience.

Did you know Georgia has no licensing or insurance requirements for residential roofing contractors? This means homeowners are often left disappointed by those looking to do quick work for quick buck in the unregulated industry. Which is a shame!

Accent Roofing Founder and President Thomas Scribbins and his team go overboard on professionalism to combat this. As a family business, they take pride in what they do. Since their beginnings in 1989, Accent Roofing has now worked over 45,000 total projects. They’ve done it by doing roofing differently and making lasting relationships.

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When clients call with problems, a complete roof replacement is not always the first or best solution. Accent Roofing investigates the problem itself and repairs it. The ability to fix the issue, no matter how small the leak, is the solution! They offer roof repairs, replacements, installations and more. By saving client’s roofs and wallets, they have become the go to dedicated repair team for Gwinnett County and beyond.

“Our primary goals are to provide Georgia with a fantastic client experience and to craft and exceptional roof,” says Scribbins.

That is what craftmanship is. It’s being able to take pride in the job, no matter the size. It’s finding significance in the details. True craftsmen get excited about every single job they do and consider themselves honored when homeowners choose them. Craftsmen work as a family and make it their goal to provide clients with their best contractor experience. They are confident in their craft, sticking to their promises and warranties.

It’s what Accent Roofing does, and this transparent and dedicated work has brought them generational clients. Their company infrastructure is designed to deliver the best experience and that is reflected in their craftsmanship.

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885 Buford Drive, Lawrenceville GA 30043