We have so many patients coming to us with significant dental issues — from difficulty chewing, or perhaps being embarrassed to smile, or even just living in pain,” says Dr. Copeland. “We knew it was time to build a place where we could solve so many of these things under one roof. It’s not just about the teeth, it’s about rebuilding a patient’s smile, their ability to enjoy the foods they love, to help them regain their confidence and how they feel about themselves — and now about providing that in one place.”

These words from Dr. Copeland resonate deeply with the mission behind the newly opened 7,500-sq ft facility in Buford, Georgia. Drs. Eric Jones and Katherine Copeland envisioned a space where patients could receive comprehensive dental care that not only relieves pain but also restores smiles and boosts self-assurance. The facility represents a significant stride forward, fueled by recent advancements in technology, techniques, and dental materials that enable patients to finally achieve the beautiful, natural-looking smiles they desire.

Dr. Jones shares his observations, saying, “I think there are a lot of people who are carrying around a burden or even embarrassment of their teeth, and they have been doing this for years. In some cases, they may not know that something can be done, or maybe they are worried about ending up worse off or the expense. But now, I know I can tell them that we have so many choices and options that patients may not even be aware of. We can not only restore their smile for a lifetime but also their confidence.”

In the past five to ten years, dentistry has witnessed tremendous changes, particularly in the realm of implant dentistry, according to Dr. Jones. For patients missing teeth, revolutionary treatment options are now available. With only four to six dental implants, individuals can attain a fresh start and a second chance at having beautiful, strong, and natural-looking teeth — even in a single day. Dr. Jones expresses his excitement about the facility’s ability to digitally design and create an entirely new set of teeth in a single appointment, allowing patients to wake up to a brand-new smile. Such transformative advancements in materials and technology have the power to change lives.

While dental procedures can trigger anxiety in my many patients, Dr. Copeland acknowledges that some patients are more anxious about being lectured or judged than the procedure itself. “Personally, I always promise patients that there will be zero judgments, and with sedation dentistry, I know that we can keep them completely comfortable,” she states. Aiming to create a welcoming atmosphere that doesn’t resemble a traditional dental office, Drs. Jones and Copeland have meticulously designed the facility to reflect that feeling. From fully digital operatories, laboratory spaces, and advanced equipment to open and comfortable reception areas, overhead TVs, calming decor, and truly comfortable furnishings, every detail contributes to a soothing and stress-free experience for patients.

Dr. Copeland highlights the importance of patient awareness when it comes to the possibilities of modern dentistry. “Our hope is to create an environment where all patients are mindful of what modern dentistry can now offer to restore smiles, and even how patients feel about themselves,” she explains. The facility provides an array of options, from completely natural-looking all-ceramic veneers to Invisalign, deep whitening, and even cosmetic treatments like Botox and fillers. Dr. Copeland prioritizes informing patients about their oral health and presenting them with all possible treatment options. She empowers them to make choices based on their preferences, offering conservative and cost-effective solutions to achieve their goals. Not every transformation requires extensive time or financial investments.

With a firm commitment to delivering the highest level of care and a focus on helping patients find relief from pain, rebuild their smiles, and regain their confidence, the newly opened facility in North Georgia ushers in a new era of dentistry. Drs. Eric Jones and Katherine Copeland, supported by their dedicated team, are poised to make significant advancements in the field while providing a compassionate and personalized experience for each patient. By embracing the latest technology, techniques, and materials, this remarkable facility promises to shape the future of dental care in North Georgia, elevating oral health and transforming lives one smile at a time.

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