Your website guides customers through the curiosity phase of the relationship. The reason companies make mistakes on their website is because they aren’t looking at the website like their customers are looking at the website. A great website should do several things and consider several aspects.

  • “What We Offer” – It should clearly state what you offer and what kind of company you are. This isn’t the place to be cute and artsy. Be clear. Be smart, but be clear. What does your company’s products and services offer to a customer? 
  • “Why We Work” – From the home page a customer needs to have an idea of how your company is going to make their life better. Security? Comfort? Satisfaction? Maybe just a really clear result is the best way to communicate this. 
  • “How to Buy” – It immediately should be clear and painless on what the next step would be for a customer. Click to buy is better than a Find out more button every day of the week. 
  • “Keep it Simple” – Many companies simply put too much on their website. Keep in mind that people don’t read websites, they scan them. 
  • “Visualize It” – A picture is worth a thousand words, so use images or videos to illustrate your services and limit your text. 
  • “Reinforce” – Reinforce what you offer and how to buy it throughout your entire website and you will see the difference!

These tips work for businesses, big and small! Plus, there are lots of great sites to create a basic website. Try WordPress or Squarespace. Once your website has mastered the basics, move on to things like visual elements and overall aesthetic layouts to ensure customers will love what they see.