Brauns Law, nestled in Duluth, Georgia, is a unique entity in the legal landscape, distinguished not just for its legal prowess in personal injury cases but also for its unwavering commitment to customer service.

At the helm is David Brauns, the founding partner, whose philosophy is simple yet profound.

“Not a day goes by that you don’t see personal injury attorneys advertising for your case,” he says. “They all talk about how much money you will get but nobody talks about customer service. Almost every other type of business thrives or dies based on its customer service reputation. Why should a law firm be any different? It shouldn’t.”

This approach has shaped the way Brauns Law operates. Emphasizing the importance of empowering and supporting the injured, Brauns Law offers free consultations and honest advice about the viability of cases. The firm specializes in a range of personal injury cases, including car and truck accidents, as well as wrongful death cases. This specialization allows the team to provide focused and knowledgeable assistance to each client.

David Brauns’ experience as an insurance defense attorney provided him with insider knowledge on how insurance companies think and evaluate claims. This insight is invaluable in his current role, where he represents plaintiffs in injury cases. Brauns leverages this knowledge to build a strong plaintiff’s practice, setting his firm apart through a commitment to customer service, transparency, and collaboration. The firm’s client-centric approach extends beyond legal advice. They handle various aspects of post-accident challenges, from car repairs to dealing with medical bills, particularly for those without health insurance. Brauns emphasizes the importance of clients focusing on their recovery and leaving the intricacies of their claims to his team.

Brauns Law’s dedication to service has been recognized in the Guide to Gwinnett, published by The Gwinnett Magazine. This recognition is a testament to the firm’s impact in the community and its commitment to excellence in customer service. The Guide to Gwinnett is known for highlighting the best in the community, and Brauns Law’s feature in it underscores their reputation for exceptional service and client support.

In an industry often criticized for its lack of personal touch, Brauns Law stands as a testament to what can be achieved when a law firm prioritizes the needs and well-being of its clients. With a focus on personal injury litigation and a dedication to providing outstanding customer service, Brauns Law has carved out a unique niche in the legal community of Duluth, Georgia.

Contact: 678-621-2199
Location: 3175 Satellite Boulevard, Bldg. 600 #330
Duluth, GA 30096