The Gwinnett County Public Library continues to shine in the community. Its growing number of patrons and programs is a testament to its deep commitment to the community and its mission of ensuring all Gwinnettians have access to education, knowledge, technology, and recreation.

The Gwinnett County Public Library system operates 15 successful branches at different locations around the county, and its role in the community is multifaceted. Each branch is a haven for young minds taking their first steps into literacy, a gateway for teens exploring digital creativity, and a sanctuary for adults seeking knowledge or escapism.

The Best of Gwinnett Award, facilitated by the Guide to Gwinnett, is more than recognition – it’s a celebration of the library’s adaptive, responsive, and inclusive approach to serving its community.

“We see ourselves as more than a library. We are a dynamic learning environment,” shares a librarian, encapsulating the spirit of this recognition.

The library’s dynamic presence extends beyond its physical walls. With a robust online platform (, GCPL ensures that its wealth of resources and services is accessible far and wide, proving indispensable in today’s digital age. This digital expansion has been pivotal in maintaining and enhancing the library’s relevance.

Gwinnett County Public Library branches offer free access to computers, Wi-Fi, classes, materials, and programs for all ages. In addition to core services, in-person services include passport services, entrepreneurship resources and classes, early education programs, citizenship classes and paperwork assistance, and classes for English language learners.

The library’s journey spans over a century. Originating from a modest setup by the Norcross Woman’s Club, it has blossomed into a comprehensive library system. This evolution mirrors the county’s development, showcasing a remarkable partnership between the community’s needs and the library’s offerings.

What distinguishes GCPL is its forward-thinking approach. The library has continuously reinvented itself. Expansion, fueled by the 1986 bond referendum, wasn’t just a physical growth but also an embrace of new technologies and community-focused services. Today, GCPL is not just about lending books but about fostering experiences and crafting spaces that resonate with every age and interest.

The 2023 Best of Gwinnett Award is not just an honor; it’s a reflection of its enduring impact and unwavering dedication to the heart and soul of Gwinnett County.