It’s right before Halloween and you don’t have anything to wear to that party on Saturday or to take your kids trick or treating. The Spirit Halloween stores are a ghost town, not a costume in sight. All Party City has left are some clown wigs and sparkly tutus. Even the Walmart costume aisle is so empty that it’s spooky. At home, you’ve got a random witch hat from ten years ago and maybe tin foil. 

You need a costume and you’re not alone. Here’s some last minute outfits that will make you look spook-tacular. 

Burglar: This one is easy. All black! Throw on a ski mask (or cut some eyeholes in a beanie) and you’ve got the look. Sure, you won’t be the coolest cat burglar on the street, but theft isn’t cool anyways. You could also go with the classic white and black striped shirt, reminiscent of cartoon prisoners, and use a pillow case as a stuffed bag of “money”. 

Scarecrow: Who said you didn’t have a brain? This last minute costume is easy to do and you’ve got most of what you need already! A plaid shirt and some jeans are what make the outfit. Wear the oldest pair of boots you’ve got and throw on a straw hat if you really want to commit. The key to this costume is the makeup. Scarecrows have stitched lips, so use some eyeliner to make those. Color on some cute blush circles and triangle nose tip, orange is the best color to use. If you want more of a scary-crow then use an orange paint face and creative oversized stitched lips. 

Zombie: Braaaaaiiinnnnsssssss. Just kidding, it’s food dye. This one is more about commitment to the act than the costume itself. For the outfit, anything flies. You can be a standard zombie in normal clothes, or make it interesting and wear a costume within the costume. Ballerina zombie. Football zombie. Anything works. For the “zombie” effect, use some dirt to soil up those clothes for the worn down look. “Brains” can be made from crispy rice treats and red food dye. Go ahead and rub the food dye on the rest of your clothes too! Commit to the slow walk and groan to make your zombie realistic (or at least as realistic as a zombie can be).

Strawberry: Got a red shirt tee and a sharpie? Draw some black teardrops scattered (but in an organized strawberry way) across your shirt. A green hat can be your leaves and stem, but you can always take the creative route and make leaves out of green felt. If you’ve got the extra time, you can use felt to stitch or staple the entire costume as well. This costume is great for kids!

Create a Costume: There is a ton of creative opportunity with colorful construction paper and cardboard. The possibilities are endless. Make a paper sword and boom! A pirate. Tape together some cardboard, and now your kid is a robot. Create a cardboard dinosaur body or use construction paper to make a mask in whatever shape you want!