Cool mornings where the warm sun and chilly air wake you up. Leaves are starting to lose their green color to orange tones. Yes, folks, it’s fall in Georgia! 

Well, more or less. The start of Autumn is officially on September 23rd this year. And if you’re anything like us at Gwinnett Magazine, you’re looking at your closet thinking:

“What do I wear now?” 

Georgia fall weather tends to fall between between 55 F and 75 F, with warmer day time but cooler temperatures in the morning and evenings. So shorts mean cold legs, but coats are still too heavy. You don’t want to wear a thick sweater, but you’ll have the shivers in a short sleeve shirt. Dressing for fall can be difficult, but here’s some fashion advice to get you ready to face the season. 

Trade the short-sleeve shirts and tank tops for light-weight long-sleeves and sweaters. Materials such as cotton blends, denim and corduroy are your best friends. Whether it’s a button down jacket or a pullover, you’re gonna want to aim for layers so you can fight the brisk morning cold and relax in the afternoon heat. Local boutiques are a great place to find this kind of top, and they’re bound to have a variety of materials and patterns to fit your personal flair! 

Speaking of denim, a classic pair of jeans is never the wrong choice in the transitional weather. Afterall, they were created over a hundred years ago and are still a closet staple. When picking out jeans, look for ones that will withstand the test of time (both in material and in current trends). Skinny jeans are out, baggy jeans are in. But, tomorrow that will probably change. 

And if jeans aren’t for you, don’t worry! Pants of all materials are both comfortable and instyle, we’re talking flowy pants in every color you can imagine. Pair them with a light and flowy top for a warmer day, or throw on sweater for a cooler evening. If you’re looking for something feminine, try a pair of pleated high-waisted trousers or dress pants. They’ve been spotted on everyone lately, and they’re elevated enough for work or a night out.

Button-downs are back too! Listen up Gents, t-shirt time is nearing its end. Button-downs and button-ups are wardrobe needs, and yes they are different (not really, button-downs just have buttons on the collar). The same goes for flannels and outerwear, it’s time to start putting one on! 

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