Get ready for transformative changes in 2024! The Gwinnett Chamber has invested $5.4 million in a renovation that signifies a period of growth and innovation. This overhaul is not just cosmetic; it demonstrates a commitment to fostering a diverse and dynamic business community. The 3-story building, constructed in the early 2000s, is undergoing modernization with cutting-edge design, new meeting rooms, state-of-the-art AV equipment, and symbolic elements like a spiraling chandelier reflecting the Chamber’s pinwheel logo.

Gwinnett Chamber President and CEO Nick Masino emphasizes that the Chamber is a force for economic growth and community development. “The largest local Chamber of Commerce building, our facility was built in 2000 under the leadership of former President and CEO Richard Tucker,” shared Masino.

“Our goal with its renovation 20 years later is to preserve the vision and legacy established with the facility’s initial construction while modernizing the space to serve business leaders for generations to come.” The renovated space embodies a promise to create a vibrant and inclusive business environment, celebrating Gwinnett’s diverse business scene. Since 1947, the Chamber has been a fundamental pillar in the county’s development, supporting small businesses (90% of its 2,000+ members have 50 employees or less) and advocating for local enterprises.

As the fastest growing county in Metro Atlanta, Gwinnett is a vibrant hub for culture and economy. The Chamber’s role in fostering economic development, supporting diverse enterprises, and advocating for the community’s best interests remains crucial. Joining the Gwinnett Chamber offers access to amenities, networking opportunities, professional development, and a platform for advocacy.

As Gwinnett County evolves, the Chamber remains a steadfast ally to businesses of all sizes, inviting you to witness and shape the vibrant and inclusive future of Gwinnett’s business landscape. There’s never been a better time to join the Chamber and maximize your opportunity for growth.

For information on how to engage, Chamber staff are ready and willing to serve you. Visit today.