Empty parking spaces liter the streets of Lawrenceville in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. For a city that prides itself on its fantastic food scene, even the pavement misses the parade of cars that once danced the streets during the lunch time rush.

Universal Joint, like other restaurants chose to close their dinning room before the stay at home orders were issued and set up curb side, no contact, take-out for their customers.

Bruce Kennedy, one of the partners at Universal Joint, and ever the entrepreneur, made a choice to explore the unknown with his business rather than to close his doors.

“This is not our business model, but it is now.” Bruce clearly has a passion for his business as he explains how he decided to pivot his business into a drive through market place in addition to serving prepared meals and menu items. “I was at the grocery store and didn’t want to be there. I knew I could get ground beef, eggs, toilet paper, and so I kind of figured what I thought we should do. Lets turn ourselves into a community market. I have a giant pantry of items and its pretty much all for sale!”

Bruce was kind enough to show us around as his staff filled the orders for prepare-at-home-meals and lunch items, not to mention several orders for toilet paper. Bruce’s model appears to be working.

In spending the day with Bruce, you can tell that he loves his customers as much as he loves his employees. He is staying open and doing this for them. But of course that doesn’t mean that any of this is easy.

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