Hairless Solution Electrolysis, a beacon of professional excellence and personalized care in the field of permanent hair removal, was recently honored with the Best of Gwinnett “Among the Best” Award for 2023.

The Best of Gwinnett Awards, a hallmark of excellence within the community, are decided not by a panel of distant judges but by the votes of those who matter most – the customers themselves. This unique approach reflects the community’s voice, making the accolade all the more special for businesses like Hairless Solution Electrolysis. Their win is a testament to their unwavering commitment to their clients and their craft.

At Hairless Solution Electrolysis, the focus goes beyond mere hair removal; it’s about enhancing self-esteem and confidence. Tierra Redd, CPE, the heart and soul behind this venture, is a respected member of both the American Electrology Association and the Georgia Electrology Association. With extensive training from Georgia to Las Vegas and Denver, Redd’s expertise shines through in the clinic’s success.

“Our mission has always been to create a space where our clients feel comfortable and valued,” shares Tierra Redd. “Winning the Best of Gwinnett Award is a humbling acknowledgment of our efforts to provide top-notch, personalized electrolysis treatments using the most advanced techniques and equipment. It’s not just about removing unwanted hair; it’s about empowering our clients.”

Hairless Solution Electrolysis stands out for its modern, clinical approach to a treatment as intimate and personal as electrolysis. Their use of FDA-approved methods ensures safety and effectiveness, aligning with their goal to make electrolysis accessible and affordable to all. 

Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal that involves using an electric
current to damage the hair follicle, inhibiting future hair growth. This process typically
involves inserting a fine probe into the hair follicle and applying an electrical current to
destroy the hair root. It is a precise and effective method for individuals seeking a
permanent solution to unwanted hair. The warmth and dedication of their specialists truly sets them apart, fostering an environment where each client’s needs and expectations are not just met, but exceeded.

The Best of Gwinnett Awards, featured prominently on, play a pivotal role in highlighting local businesses like Hairless Solution Electrolysis. These awards shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the business world, those who work tirelessly to provide exceptional services and products. The website serves as a valuable resource for locals and visitors alike, offering insights into the best that Gwinnett has to offer.

Hairless Solution Electrolysis’ recent accolade in the Best of Gwinnett Awards is more than just a trophy on a shelf. It’s a symbol of trust, quality, and excellence recognized by the very people they serve. It’s a story of a small business making a big impact, embodying the true essence of the American entrepreneurial spirit.

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