Are you looking to be somewhere that has all the small-town charm with modern amenities and developments? Stay in the city that has a wonderful community, growth opportunities and a history as rich as the red clay the name comes from.

Pay a visit, or stay a while, in Auburn, Georgia!

When Auburn tackles developments, they go all out!

The Auburn Municipal Complex and newly expanded downtown area will include gorgeous green spaces, mixed-use developments and more. The new municipal complex will be home to city hall offices, court services, council meetings, parks and leisure department and the police department. The building’s appearance is a replica of the Perry-Rainey Institute that stood in Auburn over 100 years ago. The building totals about 33,000 square feet to accommodate city operations and future growth. Auburn has been building more neighborhoods, increasing housing availability, and expanding real estate across the city. Meeting immediate needs and planning for the future makes Auburn an attractive city to grow in.

What’s the local life like?

The city has five beautiful parks, an active children’s park, and tennis courts. On the economic front, Auburn is a certified Main Street Community and has a Downtown Development Authority that strives to meet the needs of the city. Supporting local businesses is a point of pride in Auburn. Various events and festivals are held throughout the year, fostering a sense of togetherness that is both heartwarming and infectious. Auburn’s community spirit is particularly evident during AuburnFest, an annual fall celebration that showcases local talent, delicious food, and family-friendly activities. Other activities include a weekly farmer’s markets, monthly car show and food truck Friday located in the downtown area.

Auburn’s history dates from 1892 when it was established along the Georgia Railroad. Today, the city still pays homage to its agricultural heritage, with scenic farms, and open spaces that provide a serene backdrop for its residents. The residents are friendly and welcoming, bringing a southern charm that makes newcomers feel at home. Auburn has preserved its historical roots while embracing growth and innovation.

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