Podcast: Live Healthy Gwinnett!

Today on the Gwinnett Podcast, we had a chat with the powerhouse at Live Healthy Gwinnett – the one and only Carion Marcelin, Project Coordinator extraordinaire! Brace yourselves for a wellness whirlwind as Live Healthy Gwinnett rolls out its four fab focal points: Be Active, Eat Healthy, Get Checked, and Be Positive.

These folks are on a mission to make Gwinnett County the grooviest, healthiest place to be! But wait, it’s not all veggies and smoothies; we’re spilling the beans on jaw-dropping health stats (hint: a quarter of adults dancing with danger) and the approach that Live Healthy Gwinnett uses to help those that need it most!

So grab your green juice, kick back, and let’s dive headfirst into the zesty world of Live Healthy Gwinnett!

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