Girl Scout cookies. They’re little. They’re delicious. They’re going up in price…but we will definitely still pay it though. It’s their limited availability that makes them so desirable. They come around for a few weeks every year and you have to stock up and freeze them for the hard, cookie-less months to come. We all have our favorite cookie, the specific colored box we keep a careful eye out for when passing the tables as we walk into grocery stores. Or maybe you are lucky and have an inside source, you get your cookies from the greatest salesmen (women!) themselves.

Girl Scout cookies were originally home baked, the troops would sell them in cafeterias and as service projects. Eventually Girl Scout councils began overseeing production and the cookies became commercialized. In the 1950’s the cookie staples became established: vanilla-based filled cookie, a chocolate-based filled one, shortbread and a chocolate mint.

Trefoils were the first cookie, followed by Samoas and then Thin Mints. Do-sid-o’s were next and between then and now, we’ve seen dozens of cookie varieties. Some that hang out for a while and others that are a one-year thing.

What’s your favorite cookie?


Buttery shortbread embellished with the Girl Scout logo.

If these are your favorites, you are an appreciator of the simple things. You like to keep things organized and you’re straight to the point. You enjoy being easy-going and love the classics.


Crispy cookie, topped with caramel, dipped (and drizzled!) in chocolate and topped with toasted coconut. This is a cookie you either love or you hate.

You’re the wild one in your friend group, with a passion for trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone. You’ve got got strong opinions and are never afraid to state your point of view.

Thin Mints

Bold mint meets chocolate. Chocolate wafer cookie coated in that pepperminty taste. These cookies are arguably “Most Popular” year after year.

You command attention and thrive in the spotlight. At the same time, you’re sentimental and sweet. You like to keep things fresh, new and interesting. You’re a go-getter.


Vanilla cookie, layered with peanut butter and chocolate. These cookies sometimes melt to the touch, but nothing goes better together than peanut butter and chocolate.

You can be a bit of a mess, but it makes you all the more lovable. You don’t take things too seriously and enjoy the company of others.


Oatmeal cookie with smooth peanut butter sandwiched in the middle. They’re crunchy and not too sweet!

If this cookie is your favorite, you are an old soul at heart. You’re tough on the outside, but sweet once people get to know you. You’ve got a kind heart and a patient temperament.

Caramel Chocolate Chip

Caramel and semi-sweet chocolate chips join forces in this gluten-free cookie.

You’re different. You tend to have smaller circle of tight-knit friends, and you’d do anything for them. You aren’t for everyone, but you like it that way.


Shortbread cookies with lemony icing, shaped like adorable little slices.

You’ve got a sharp wit and keen eye. Nothing gets by you. You’ll tackle any challenge, no matter how hard. Others may underestimate you, but you pack a punch and are determined to do the best you can in all aspects.


Another lemon contender, but this one comes with inspirational messages!

Who doesn’t love some lighthearted fun and optimism? You’re a positive person and you enjoy sharing your happy mentality with anyone who will listen. You find the joy in life and make the most of it.

Girl Scout S’mores

Exactly what it says. Graham cracker cookie with marshmallow filling and a layer of chocolate.

You’re a bit of a child. It’s not a bad thing, you just have a youthful air about you! You enjoy watching cartoons and reminiscing. You like the sweet stuff and constantly crave sugary foods. On the other hand, you love the outdoors and enjoy a good campfire. Or at least you enjoy eating s’mores.


Toffee bits embedded in a crumbly, crunchy gluten-free cookie.

You’re one tough cookie. You’ve got a sweet side, though. Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew, but you work hard. Determination is your middle name.


Brownie cookie with a caramel top creme filling and a touch of salt and drizzle.

You wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re an open, honest person with nothing to hide because you’ve already put it all out there! You get excited easily and can sometimes have trouble hiding your feelings, but it makes more lovable.

Raspberry Rally

This fruity cookie is new to the line-up. It’s chocolate coating on raspberry wafer, much like a truffle but a lot more crunchy.

You’re a ‘best of both worlds’ kind of person. You crave balance in life. You like to mix it up and love surprises, but appreciate consistency and routines.

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