Brain power time! Get ready for that study session with these helpful homework tips that work for everyone from preschoolers to college students.

Put AWAY electronics. That cell phone dinging won’t do ya any good. If a computer is a must (and with remote learning it often is), turn off any kind of notifications or distractions.

Plan ahead.
Decide when homework or studying needs to be done in advance, then set aside time to focus on it.

Classical music. Turns out, Mozart and Beethoven can promote higher scores! Turn on those pre-20th century jams.

Rewards. When a task or assignment is completed, give yourself a reward. For kids it can be a piece of candy or time to watch their favorite show and for adults it can be the same!

Take a break.Every once in a while, take a break to get up and stretch. Cramped muscles and brain fog aren’t great for learning.