School Crashers Upgrade B.B. Harris Elementary’s Playground

B.B. Harris Elementary School received a complete playground makeover thanks to the generosity of the Georgia United Credit Union Foundation! The Duluth elementary school was chosen by the Foundation’s School Crashers program to receive extensive improvements for their outdoor playground.

School Crashers volunteers helped to install new playground equipment specifically designed to focus on sensory outlets for students with autism. Students with special needs make up 20% of B.B. Harris’ student population, so the playground upgrades were chosen with those students’ needs in mind. Volunteers also spread mulch throughout the new sensory play area and repainted the lines on the basketball, hopscotch, and 4-square courts. All of the hand railings were also repainted to freshen up the look of the worn equipment. The School Crashers also removed weeds, cleaned up the walking path, and cleared away fallen branches from the school’s outdoor classroom.

The B.B. Harris Elementary administration and faculty are excited about the joy that the playground updates will bring students during this tough school year, and glad that the new improvements will better accommodate their special needs students. The Georgia United Credit Union Foundation School Crashes program has provided 50 school makeovers over the past seven years, totaling almost $1.5 million in improvements.

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