Personalized Pencils – Help teachers keep track of their writing supplies by customizing them with their name (not yours). 

School Supplies – These are often something that is paid for out of pocket, so from erasers to notebooks, we know they’ll appreciate it. 

Plants – Make sure they are low maintenance, like succulents or snake plants. 

Gift Cards – Treat them to their favorite coffee shop, store or restaurant. 

Ornaments – Give teachers something small to adorn their desks and workspaces, or if they celebrate Christmas make something for their trees. 


Mugs – It seems like a great gift until everyone is giving one. They’ll appreciate it, but those cabinets are probably full.

Candles – Same as the first, they’ve probably already got plenty. Anything scented is personal preference, so it’s better to skip it. 

Homemade food – Don’t get it wrong, teachers love your little ones. They just also might know where their hands have been. 

“Teacher” themed – If it says #1 Teacher or is decorated with apples and pencils, your teacher will probably prefer something a bit less corny.